All About Sweet App

Sweet App aims to make lives simple by attempting to take care of your everyday issues. Sweet lets you get your household chores done by professionals willing to offer their services.  Our app offers a platform to link skilled professionals offering services they are good at with the users who would need them to resolve everyday issues.

Whether you need a professional home cleaner, a handyman, a painter or a photographer, we bring them all to your door step with just a single tap. The bidding option allows you to get the best deal as per your requirement.

Our Journey

Sweet has emerged as the industry leader in professional services industry by generating awareness, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and at the same time resolving everyday issues that would typically give users a headache. At Sweet we love to help people get jobs and also get jobs done successfully.

Our goal is simply to ensure that we recommend the best and most efficient professional to get your job done. We value quality and creativity as highly as adaptability. When you choose Sweet for your tasks you not only get the job done you get it done with a commitment to deliver. Customer satisfaction is our top objective.

At Sweet we make it simple for you to find an ideal service provider near you. Whether you are a customer looking for a professional or a professional looking for a customer, we will be eager to help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Do I have to register on the site?

Yes, we ask that you register simply so that we can have your email address to pass onto the professional and allow you to log in and out. It is for your convenience and we do not require you to register your full mailing address or any kind of financial information within the app, making it secure.

Question 2

What categories are currently offered?

We have a wide array of professional categories that are currently offered on the app. This includes deliveries, handyman, cleaning, gardening, IT support, babysitter, and painter/ decorator etc. We are always looking to broaden our horizons and may offer additional categories in the future. If there is a professional category that you would like to see within our app, please contact us. We keep a running tally of requests and if we receive enough, it will soon appear within the app.

Question 3

How do I post a new job?

Once logged in, there is a main screen and a button that says ‘Post New Job.’ A form will pop up that requests the job title, and then you can select the job category. You will list the city, the date and time you wanted completed, and then a brief job description. You also have the ability to set your budget, which allows professionals to know just how much you are willing to spend. It is best to submit a higher budget and then allow the professionals to make bids that are lower than that amount.

Question 4

How many people will bid on the job?

There is no limit to the number of professionals who are capable of being on the job. Much of it will depend upon the number of professionals who offer the specific service within your area. The goal is always to receive at least a few days in order to have a comparison process. If you don’t receive any bids, it may be that your budget is too low. You can always try to go higher and then work on negotiations with the professional.

Question 5

Can I read more about the professionals?

Yes! You have the ability to click on any of the professionals and read more about them. It will list their star rating, the city that they are located, and the number of jobs that they have completed with Sweet. There is also an ‘About’ that will list more about who they are and what they have to offer. Generally, they will include another way to get in touch with them, which will allow you to contact them and ask more questions if you have any.

Question 6

How does the chat feature work?

Once you have received a bid from a professional, you would be able to chat directly there is an orange button labeled ‘Chat.’ This will open up the chat window so that you can communicate with them.

Question 7

What information do I have to supply as a professional?

The more the better. You will be asked for your level of experience and then your email address. The more you include within your profile, the easier it will be for people to select you for a job that they have posted. If you don’t provide enough information or a profile picture, people may wonder whether you are legitimate – and you may not get as many jobs area.

Question 8

Are all jobs listed?

As a professional, all of your jobs will be listed so that you can see what the budget is and what the offer is that you came up with. You will have the ability to contact the individual and you will have the ability to complete the job, which will remove itself from your list of active jobs. This makes it easy for you to see everything that is going on. There are four tabs under My Jobs, which includes active, jobs on bid, completed jobs, and cancelled jobs.

Question 9

As a customer, how do I make the payment?

Once the professionals click on Complete, they will be directed to the Payments page where they will be required to submit their IBAN. Users make payment by credit card. We understand these details are confidential. All payments are processed through Stripe and are 100% secure! Sweet does not get to see any of your details. Relax!

Benefits Of Using Our App

Top Features

  • Simple registration
  • Login to remember your settings
  • Multiple professional categories to choose from
  • Maintain a list of active jobs
  • Star ratings for professionals
  • Messenger for easy contact

You’re not going to believe just how easy this app is to use. The moment you start to use the app, the only thing you’re going to have to say is, “Sweet.” And that’s how we came up with the name, too!


It is pretty simple. The interface is easy to use. With just a single click you can figure out what exactly you need. You can post a new job, search professional categories, view the jobs you have in place, make changes to your profile, and even start a conversation with someone.

Step 1 –  Sign in and Register. Create an email ID and password.

Step 2 –Fill in details like Name, Location, profession etc.

Step 3 – Choose job category

Step 4 – Post jobs

Step 5 – My Jobs – This section contains a listing of everything that you have going on at any given time so you know who you have contacted, whether it is a cleaner come to  your house to clean or a babysitter to take care of your kid while you are on your night out in town.

Sweet App Screenshots

Who Are We

Sweet is a professional services company, founded in 2016 in Cork, Ireland. It all started with a simple idea to make it easier for people to find professional services without having to search high and low. It all started when Antoine, the CEO and founder, had a toilet that was overflowing. He had to spend over an hour making calls calling around to plumbers to find someone to take care of the issue. He got frustrated and decided to make the change.

Sweet developed as a way to make sure that other people didn’t have problems like Antoine had. A team was quickly put together our talented and efficient team of designers and marketers managed to create a system to provide solution to the challenge. We took our time soliciting feedback from customers to know their expectations.

One of the biggest issues was communication. Customers wanted the opportunity to talk to the professional before hiring them. To bridge that gap, we integrated the chat feature into the app. It allows people to ask questions prior to choosing a professional. Even after the professional has been chosen and the job moves to active, it allows communication to take place.

We also found out that everyone wanted to save money wherever possible. We created the option where a job could be created and professionals would have the chance to bid on it. This would allow people to look at the different offers that were available based upon the job that they created.

We changed the infrastructure to make it more appealing and user friendly. People are loving Sweet as an app to find professionals providing services. Our goal is to continue to add more and more professional services as and when the demand presents itself.

We are passionate about providing services that are affordable, which is why we created the app. Our customers rely on us to make it easy for them to find professional services, whether it is for their home or business.

It is our hope that professionals and individuals alike will enjoy using the app. We have spent a significant amount of time in research and development creating an app that is easy to use and provides a wide array of services. The best way for people to learn more about the app is through word of mouth, so we encourage users to tell others about the app.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more or share your feedbacks. We are constantly improving and endeavor to make your experience a sweet one!

Get In Touch With Us

We can be contacted at:
2A Breffni court Watercourse road Cork Ireland Tel: 021 2392700, Whatsapp: 00353 896011379

Please contact us by email if you have questions, concerns, or recommendations. It is our desire to return all inquiries within 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest in Sweet!

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Our iOS and Windows apps are still in development and should be launching by fall of 2016, so please check back soon.

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